Downhole Pressure Sensors

Downhole sensors are used to measure annulus and bore pressure. Pressure can be used to directly calculate ECD (Equivalent Circulating Density), gain a real measurement of the pressure drop along the drill string and through the L/MWD system, and evaluate if the hydraulic power is sufficient to maintain mud motor torque.

Measurements of the annulus and bore pressure during drilling provide visibility to pressures downhole, reducing the risks associated with cuttings buildup, and underbalanced/overbalanced drilling.

  • Enables early kick detection from consistent decreases in ECD
  • Detects /cuttings buildup from increases in ECD
  • Gain visibility to the motors ability to transfer power and maintain speed and torque under given conditions
  • Can be used in managed pressure drilling applications
  • Evaluate the effects of cuttings in the mud column on ECD in fast drilling environments
  • Measure pressure drop directly above the mud motor

Available in AccuSteer