Unmanned MWD Services

Our Unmanned Services offer you the most efficient way to monitor your wellbore position while reducing your costs by eliminating personnel from the well site. Our unmanned offerings range from inclination only, to full directional survey with gamma and toolface for vertical correction. All services are monitored 24/7 to ensure tool performance and data quality.

Survey on Connection

  • AccuDrift™ - Vertical Inclination only service
  • AccuMP™ – Full directional survey, Gamma Logging, Toolface, and Downhole Temperature


    Best suited in applications where geosteering requirements are minimal. AccuMP with unmanned gamma can be used for formation correlation and picking of TD in vertical wells. This eliminates the NPT associated with waiting for cuttings to circulate to surface to verify that the target formation has been reached.

Vertical Correction

    AccuMP can be programmed to display toolface in unmanned mode, allowing for the use of an angled mud motor for vertical correction by the company man or driller.