Rotary Steerable System

The OrientXpress, designed by 2TD Drilling, rotary steerable drilling technology enables customers to drill higher quality wells while lowering the cost of directional drilling operations. Our technology optimizes hole quality and wellbore placement, maximizes reservoir contact, and achieves faster penetration rates.

RSS provides high wellbore accuracy and efficiency in harsh conditions, and exposes more of the productive pay zones. 

Using orient-the-bit technology, the OrientXpress system is an electro-mechanical rotary steerable drilling system with no hydraulics involved in the steering actuation. The innovative orient-the-bit design can continuously change the orientation of the drill bit as required and is aimed at combining lower operational costs with improved maneuverability down-hole, improved borehole quality and reduced non-productive time.

The robust system eliminates extra time consumed by sliding, reduces friction and increases ROP in hostile drilling conditions. The shorter tool design is capable of high build rates up to 15°/100 ft with continuous drillstring rotation, delivering greater lateral lengths in the reservoir. In addition, power is supplied by a mud turbine generator that eliminates the need for batteries, allowing for longer runs and improved logistics. Near bit direction & inclination sensors deliver real-time continuous inclination measurements and the ability for closed-loop control. The rotary steerable system can work in temperatures up to 175°C and pressure up to 20,000 psi environments.

What does this mean for you?
  • Short tool length—improves steering response and places MWD sensors closer to the bit
  • Near bit stabilizer—provides precise steering control and bit support
  • D&I sensors close to the bit—enables more accurate well positioning and autonomous control
  • No external moving parts or hydraulics—improves tool robustness and extending the operating envelope
  • The bit orientation can be continuously adjusted—provides unique steering flexibility downhole
  • A best in class build rate of up to 15°/100 ft—maximizes lateral length and well productivity

2TD’s Technology Center based at Ålgård near Stavanger, Norway is regarded as the research and development center. Our engineers and technicians research and test our new R&D efforts to continually develop new technology that distinguishes us as a leader in RSS solutions.
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